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Buy the first three books in The Overlords series from our site.

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Buy the first three books in The Overlords series from Amazon.

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12 in 12: 12,012 Free Young Adult Fantasy Adventures in 2012

12 in 12 gives schools, students and libraries free Overlords eBooks

Tiverton, Rhode Island, United States (PR Buzz) January 24, 2012: 12 in 12, a new campaign from The Overlords fantasy adventure book series, will immediately start giving away 12,012 free eBooks to schools, libraries and students throughout the 12 months of 2012. The goal of 12 in 12 is to provide students between the ages of 10 and 16 with free fiction reading material that will hold their interest and expand their minds.

The Overlords, written by Michael Squatrito, is a fantasy adventure tale set in the times of warriors and magic. Seven men and a special dog embark on a journey to find the coveted Treasure of the Land, the bounty left behind by the ancient Four Kings. Schools, libraries and students can obtain the free eBook (the first in the four book series) by accessing the 12 in 12 web page or emailing Our company will track the eBook download numbers and post updates on our social pages and blog. In conjunction with the campaign, special contests will be announced and held throughout the year – most having to do with enhancing reading and creative writing for children. Additionally, The Overlords are currently researching aligning with like-minded charitable organization(s) that will directly benefit from both the short and long term success of 12 in 12.

Author Mike Squatrito had this to say about 12 in 12: "Reading and writing go hand in hand. By offering free eBooks, we hope to strengthen the children's reading skills and, in the process, spark the creative juices that will lead to them writing their own stories and creating fantastic novels!"

Overlord Enterprises is the umbrella for The Overlords and Self Publishing Insight. The Overlords, is a four book fantasy adventure series with books 1, 2 & 3 in publication. Self Publishing Insight offers school and library presentations, writing workshops, one-on-one author consulting, editing, illustration, eBooks, publishing services and more. Our company is currently staffed in southern California, Oregon, Rhode Island and (soon) The Philippines.

Email: and/or
Phone: 401-862-9810 (Michael Squatrito, Author and Founder)

12 in 12

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 12 in 12?

12 in 12 is the name for The Overlords book series 2012 marketing push. This year, our company, Overlord Enterprises, seeks to give away 12,012 eBooks of book 1 of The Overlords fantasy adventure series.

What ages can participate in 12 in 12?

There is no age limitation on participation, though 12 in 12 is geared to people 10 – 16 years of age. That said, many adults have also greatly enjoyed the books (a la Harry Potter).

Does 12 in 12 have to be done through schools/libraries/charity?

No, but it is the preferred method.

Can individuals participate?


Does The Overlords eBook 1 have a cool new cover?

Yes it does! Check it out here Click Here

How can I get the free Overlords eBook?

You can either email us at (please place “12 in 12” in the subject line) or obtain it through this link: Click Here

I want my school and/or library to participate - how do I do that?

Please email us at: and include “12 in 12” in the subject line.

Can the eBook download be passed along?

It is not recommended and doesn't count toward 12 in 12. Since the eBook download is free, just have your friends/students/contacts obtain it from our site or send us an email at

Is the eBook for 12 in 12 100% free to download?

Yes, it is totally free.

Can anyone who downloads eBook 1 get eBook 2 and 3 at a discount?

Yes, please contact us via email at

What format is the eBook in?

For the Kindle, it is .mobi. For almost everything else it is in an ePub format. If you need a differing format please email us at

What devices can view the eBook?

Kindle, Nook, iPad, eReaders and almost every mobile device.

Do downloaders of the book need to 'like' The Overlords fan page on Facebook?

No, but you can keep track of the latest series developments, get free short stories and potentially interact with The Overlords author there!

What charity benefits from 12 in 12?

We are currently in talks with various international, national and local charities about being beneficiaries of all The Overlords efforts.

Can our school and/or library have Mike Squatrito, author of The Overlords book series, come to our school to speak?

Yes, but depending on location it might have to be a virtual appearance via the Internet. Please email us at for further information.

What else does your organization do?

Overlord Enterprises not only publishes The Overlords book series, but we also work with schools, libraries, individuals, authors and others in various ways. Through our Self Publishing Insight branch we hold presentations, do workshops, one on one consulting and also provide all types of author services, including editing, illustration, website design/development and top notch publishing. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions!

Can we get paperback versions?

Yes, paperback versions of any of The Overlords books are available via our website's store or by emailing us at

Can we get the paperback for our school library?

Yes. Please email us at

What if we have other questions?

No problem – we welcome questions! Feel free to contact us here.